Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hey!Say!Jump's counterpart on their sempai

Recently,i’ve been busy with work. Though it’s not really being busy with ‘just’ work (i was busy collecting Fujigaya Taisuke’s, Tamamori Yuta’s, Masuda Takahisa’s and Kei Inoo’s photo on the net). It’s a thing i can’t help doing. I want to see their faces always. But this is not what i want to talk about right now. lol uhmm.. i want to share what has been going around in my mind (and my oneesan’s too) about Hey!Say!Jump’s counterpart on their sempais. this is nonsense, but why not realize it too. Ne? Ne? Ne? Don’t comment harshly or react with much bitterness. XDTHESE ARE JUST MERE OBSERVATIONS of me and my equally addicted sister.Here it goes:

Ryosuke Yamada ~ Yamashita Tomohisa
aside from the fact that they’re both Yama (obviously), this two are very much active in the acting business. they both have a number of dramas already at the young age compared to their band members. They also get famous for their hairstyles and how they play with their faces in front of the camera. Moreover, their solos often has that sexy touch in it,ne… Yama-chan’s PERFUME is sexy. Yamapi on the other hand has Gomen ne Juliet and Daite Señorita. Another is that, when they are being interviewed, they usually has this very serious and deep answers. Like you’ll get words of wisdom from them when they speak. i forgot the other points.

Yuto Nakajima ~ Kamenashi Kazuya
they’re both hyper and talkative. Hehe. (this two are close, right?) they even became brothers in Nobuta Wo Produce. And Kame looks like Yuto during his younger years. Getting back to the topic, their similarities also is that they both act as a spokesperson for the group. I remember Yuto always holds the mic when they gave a good luck message for their volleyball support. They also are both great dancers and singers. Thinking about it, Kame and Yamapi are together in NWP.. Yamada and Yuto are best of friends. Future Shuji and Akira,ne? Another common between Yuto and Kame? Hmm..they both play with their voices. U know, like voice actors.hehe..

Yuya Takaki ~ Akanishi Jin
they resemble a bit ne..just a bit so don’t over react. Their similarities? they’re both sexy. They have that sexy image with them. The way they project themselves to photoshoots and PVs is really sexy. Next, they both had acted in Gokusen, and the hair is the same. Lol..I don’t know if u observe this, but this two, when they dance, they commit some minor mistakes but they act as if it didn’t happen. XD and another, they’re both linked to a girl with KATO name. Hehe. Rubi Kato and Rosa Kato. (i used ‘linked’..ok?) And, last one i guess, they always say they’ll do their best. XD oh, i’ll add something. They are childish when they’re around with people close to them.

Yuuri Chinen ~ Jun Matsumoto
gomen ne chii-kun, it’s Matsujun not Ohno. Hehe. Well, the common thing with them, they both are so small when they started in JE. And no doubt, they’re both cute and has that feminine look on their faces. Besides the looks, this two has a sharp tongue. XD They say what they feel , to the point that they didn’t know they’re hurting. Oh..and their voices. They possess a voice that you will surely remember.

Ryutaro Morimoto ~ Ninomiya Kazunari
how should i say this? Mori, when i look at him, i really see a Nino on him. Hehe. They’re both cute. Mori is a serious type of person when he’s doing something he likes (like songwriting or when he’s making a homework); Nino is serious when he’s working out on his acting skills. I just hope Mori can get Nino’s sense of humor. ^o^

Daiki Arioka ~ Takahisa Masuda
the smile!!! it’s obvious. the way they smile is really the same. hehe. and they’re both cute. the way they smile is very sincere. hmm.. the two of them also eats all the time. hehe. kidding.

Hikaru Yaotome ~ Nakamaru Yuichi
hehehehehe… they’re both comedians in the group. like, they would always talk and make us laugh.haha! and they love making weird faces ne? i can’t understand what they’re doing on their cute faces.

Yabu Kota ~ Keiichiro Koyama
besides from having a distinct voice in the group, they also act as the brother figure of the group. they act so very mature and they’re dedicated to what they’re doing.

Kei Inoo ~ Ueda Tatsuya
they’re both cute. lol … and of course, they both know how to play instruments. (i mean, they show it off during concert..hehe) and they’re personality is a bit strange. sometimes they’re silent, and sometimes they would just broke off and make us laugh with their simple remarks ne~

Keito Okamoto ~ Sho Sakurai
they rap. XD kidding… they have this personality, wherein they would rarely talk. it’s just that Sho is more talkative than Keito. (what’s my sense?) hehe. another is, they study hard. Sho is a university graduate right? and Keito, other HSJ always say they see him studying or holding a book. so studious. his younger band members also adores him. just like chii. (and i said Chii is Jun’s counterpart, and Jun adores Sho..hehe.coincidence)

***ok, that’s all. that’s my opinion. i’m really weird at times.hehe.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mayonaka No Shadow Boy and Scrap Teacher ~Kyoushi Saisei~...new things from Hey!Say!JUMP

i was browsing the net this week and looking for something new about Hey!Say!JUMP and i didn't fail. if u have a livejournal account, it's really useful. hehe. i'm really into HSJ lately, totally forgetting (for a while) my KAT-TUN, NewS and Arashi fangirling. anyway, going back to the topic, i saw the photo for the upcoming drama of Yuto, Yama, Daiki and Chii entitled Scrap Teacher ~Kyoushi Saisei~ ... i just finished watching Sensei Wa Erai, it's a great drama with same cast... so if Scrap Teacher is really a spin-off of that drama, then i bet it would be equally or more
good (i mean, better).. XD
it's just that, i don't like Yama's hair here. (who the hell gave him that hair style)..aaahh..i like his hair when it's longer and stylish.Chii, as expected, is still cute.like his hair here.

and about the Mayonaka No Shadow Boy...arrgh... haven't heard it yet. but according to what i read on some articles, it's a love song with a touch of spanish sound. (eh?) i think it would be great. any songs that HSJ release, i love it.haha! i hope the PV would be out soon.that is, if they would make a PV.hehe.

Monday, September 22, 2008

MASSU..oinky love

Name: Takahisa Masuda
Nickname: Massu
Date of Birth:
4 July 1986
Tokyo, Japan
Height: 171 cm (5 feet, 7 inches)
Star Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O
Talent Agency:
Johnny's Entertainment
Groups in Johnny's Entertainment:
NEWS, Tegomass
i watched NEWS pacific concert in dvd a while ago... i don't know but i kept on staring at Massu most of the time.man, i think i love him now. i remember watching Massu and Shoon's AiQ skit before, that time i'm head over heels with Shoon. i love them both now. Massu is funny in that skit acting as Shoon's darling.the wife, to be exact.one of the things that made me like Massu is his jolly attitude and cute smile. (maybe that's the reason why i like Daiki Arioka too. they posses the same smile.)...Massu's moves also make me laugh at times. when i watched NEWS's PV for Weeek, he's so playful. i want to hug him...really so cute.
the first song i know of Tegomass was Kaerimichi no love song. a friend of mine recommended the song to me. it's a great song, made me want to repeat it for a thousand of times. Massu's voice is pleasant, combined with Tesshi's very angelic voice.
For me, Massu, his cuteness and bright features is enough for me to drool over him.haha!
well, its oinky love i believe.hehe.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


i've just watched Hey!Say!Jumps's concert in tokyo dome in dvd today... well,actually, it's my 5th time watching it. i wanted to stop myself but i just can't resist their cuteness. haha!

talking about HSJ, i'll put all my fangirling comments here since i'm in the mood in typing today. >.<

the first time i heard about johnny debuting 5 kids and labeling them as Hey!Say!7, i was like "oohh...cute kids". though it's not really a debut, many positive comments were given towards them. there's Yuto, Yama, Chii, Yuya and Dai-chan. i love their song "Hey Say"...at that time, i don't have a very wild affection for them (nice description ne?).

after a few months, Hey!Say!JUMP is debuted...for real. adding Inoo, Yabu, Hikaru, Keito, and Ryutaro to the previous members.from then on, i followed the progress of those kids. i listened to their songs...i watched their PVs and behind the scenes videos.. until i realized, i'm going crazy for them. their songs keep hunting me. and i love them all...although they're just at the beginning of their dream to follow the foot steps of their sempais,i admire their hardwork and talents.i hope they'll have more bonding and stay intact like ARASHI.

maybe next time, i'll post a comment for each of the member.hehe.

"Jumping to my dream, setsunai kono kokoro de. Fighting for my dream, taiyou dakishimete."


this is the letter/message of AKANISHI JIN in 24hrTV where they guested before. i was really touched..this was taken before he left for U.S. to study Englisn.
you can see tha actual letter reading in this site:

I would like to talk about my definition of “bonds”,
First of all, there’s a place called “my family”;
A dad, a mom, a younger brother,
And a group of guys who support me like real brothers.
I am who I am because of this family.
Through this year’s “24hr tv”,
I was able to learn about bonds between people,
And the importance of expressing my sincerity
towards this individuals.
So I hope everyone can realize the importance of
the bonds between them and their loved ones.
And of course, I received a lot of help from KATTUN

Although we were working with tons of strangers
when we were filming “Gokusen”,
your presence on the set helped me a lot.
Your constant laughter and energy has always been
a help to me.
Although we often fight, you’re the one who can always
view things calmly. You’re an amazing guy who is able
to do things I cannot.
Since you like video games a lot, you’re always playing
them at work, but I can feel your happiness from deep
Maybe you’re the one who cares the most about the
members of KATTUN, so please maintain your
affectionate heart.

Everyone’s going to encounter various situations.
And although there may be frustrating or miserable times,
to “live with an equal amount of tears and laughter”
- that’s my way of living.
I want to thank the staff and everyone who helped put
this show together.
And the members of KATTUN, and my family whom
I love and count on for support.
Thank you very much.

(credits to: KAT-TUN love community)
:i posted this in my friendster blog last year Sept.22,2007 to be exact so this should be a long time ago interview..hehe:

Good Morning everyone~

Yey!!! Kame’s interview! This is time the reporter/stalker went stalking Kame at his house…in his room!! This interview was about what he usually do around his house during holidays and what he do to unwind (and I tell you it’s not normal O_O, or at least I think it is)…and what Ueda has to tell about Kame’s secret…

IN A QUIET HOUSING AREA. WE CAN SEE KAMENASHI RELAXING IN A ROOM. WITH EVERYTHING, I WILL COME AND DISTURB. (arhh…I’m sorry I don’t how to say it in English, but it’s something like that ^^")

Reporter: pin pon (chime?) Kamenashi san! Please tell your story!

Kamenashi: …nandayo pin pon te*. What?*I think it’s cute that he said that, I put the romaji so you can say it and please say it in a cute way ^^~English: what the hell is pin pon.

Reporter: Excuse me, I would like to ask about Kamenashi san’s private life.

Kamenashi: Private? **Guda guda desu (Laugh). Maybe I purposely spoil myself. There’s one time during holiday, I woke up using the alarm but then I was like "I can sleep again for a little while", or "I feel like drinking a juice… But I’m too lazy, then it’s okay if I drink only water" and things like that. Yesterday, I lie down on the sofa and I fell sleepy, but I was like" I’m too lazy to go to bed, I guess I can just sleep here" and I slept there till morning. I really spoil myself.

**Guda guda - I don’t how to explain this, but it’s something like lazily or weakly, I’m sorry

Reporter: It’s the week of [spoil myself]?

Kamenashi: Yup, I do that on purpose. Even in work & private life there’s also a time that we have to work hard, right. But when it’s already tighten part there must be some loose part, right. I’m getting ready to work hard in the future, now I’m loosen up in my private life. There’s time I purposely wear just my underwear and roll on the floor or after taking a shower still soaking wet I jump on the bed. It was fun. Maybe this could cause a trouble to my family (Laugh).

(Now let’s imagine him in his underwear on the bed plus soaking wet….*0* )

Reporter: You’re eating habit also guda guda?

Kamenashi: No. Not guda guda but also ***chachato! I cook fried rice also chachato, fast, using left-over as ingredients from the fridge. That day, my mom cooked stew, theres’s too much stew so on the next day I cook spagheti mix it with the stew. I’m using chili powder as a substitute for pepper, that is the correct answer.***Chachato - quickly (thanks to carolinexmiwako )

Reporter: Talking about eating, recently I heard that there’s a miracle in Kamenashi’s life…

Kamenashi: a~. I’m able to eat tomato, I was asked by someone to eat it, and so I force myself to eat it but,"**** are? oishikune?" I was shocked! That was amazing. And also…**** Eh? Isn’t it delicious?

Reporter: Otto, the time has finish.

Kamenashi: Cho, cho! Piman also…I’m able to eat piman too…

(eto, I think this reporter was kinda rude, I mean Kame was still talking! And I don’t care if he wants to talk about what he miraculously able to eat, it’s still important..lol)

K梨K也san ne… really cause a lot of trouble, because he doesn’t want to surrender. During the time we went to Hiroshima at the place where we did the concert tour, we played card at night. I said,"there’s work tomorrow so at 11:30 I want to take shower and then sleep". But when the time come, K梨K was losing…he said,"one last time", he won’t let me to go to sleep until he wins. Maa~, if to compare between my card trick, his attitude was cuter, but it’s just a small thing…
(Insider. Ueda Tatsuya)


(i again took up an anime quiz..hehe..here’s the result)


You represent… naivete.So innocent and trusting… you can be very shy at times, but it’s only because you’re not sure how to act. You give off that "I need to be protected vibe." Remember that not all people are good. Being too trusting will get you easily hurt.

(i notice that i always get the naive personality result.But what’s written there is all true.i trust people too much..and i get hurt a lot whenever they fail me..)


Gokusen was first shown in the Philippines last 2006 and it was a big hit because it’s the first jdorama in our television history, and people were really curious how japanese people act and how they portray characters.(that time korean drama is a trend)

I’m one of those people who never missed a single episode of Gokusen 1 and 2. At first, I watched it because the students were so handsome. That was the start of my japanese dream (like wanting to have a boyfriend who looks like Shin, Ryu, Yabuki,and Takeda).
Later on, I realized that I’m already watching Gokusen because of Yamaguchi sensei, a.k.a. Yankumi. She’s a “one-of-a-kind” teacher whose motto is to protect her students and to believe in them no matter what happen.

Yeah, most of the time she acts so weird but that’s the reason why her students learned to love her.

I think Yankumi and I have a lot in common. In physical attributes, we’re both petit (but, cute!). Hehe. Like her. I also thought that my student’s welfare is more important. I also act weird most of the time. I give encouragement to myself when no one’s looking and say, “I can do it!”…
Like Yankumi again, I also wear an off-tangent attires especially when I became an intern at Caloocan High School my clothes doesn’t fit for a teacher.haha! (sorry to my dear students and to my critique teacher)..if you could remember, Yankumi wears a jogging pants.

Well, one thing that Yankumi and I are different is on the subject we’re teaching. She’s a math teacher (the subject I hate the most), while my forte is English (and Japanese people has a hard time on using this language)..

I wish someday, if ever I would become a teacher, I would be like Yankumi.. Fighto-oh!


Neverland is probably the best place for you to live, considering how you can be quite child-like and immature at times. Nonetheless, your optimistic attitude is very much infectious, and people like to be around you because you never fail to make them happy. Warm, cheerful and kind, you are a bit too perky and hyper sometimes, so try to be a little more sensitive to those around you and sober up when the situation calls for it. The world needs more people like you, so go ahead and spread laughter and joy…just don’t get overboard, ok?

(this is the result when i tried the quiz of What Kind Of Bishounen Are You..haha! do you think the result speaks about me? Am i that good??hehe..but then, i were to be asked, i do agree with what was written there..that’s me!!!)


— Excerpt from Chobits, Copyright (c) 2004 Tokyopop Inc.

(this is an excerpt of the book that Chii reads in the anime series CHOBITS.this is about "Looking for True Love"..that if a person is really for us, he will come in the right place and at the right time..we may became unpatient, but we should wait..)

There are no people in this city.
I will leave this city and go to another one.
I hope that I will meet someone.
Someone just for me.
But if that special someone falls in love with me…
…I will have to leave that someone.
Even so, I want to meet that someone.
This is what I think as I leave the city with no people.
Today I look for someone just for me.
Someone who has love for me alone.
Someone who will love me even if I can’t fulfill their wishes.
There is another me.
The other me asks…
Does such a person exsit?
I need…
…Someone whose love for me is true.
I want…
…Someone who loves me without asking anything in exchange.
I hope…
Unless the someone loves me for being me…
…They’re not someone just for me.
Is this so?
It is.
This someone exsits?
He does.
If so…
…Then where?
My someone is nearby, I think. Perhaps I already know him.
…What if that someone does not love you back?
What if that person likes someone…
…Other than you?
People aren’t like them. You can’t erase their feelings.
People aren’t easy to change.
I know.
But People do change.
Their feelings are dynamic.
Feelings of love are more resistant than others.
What if he never loves you?
Then I’ll have to decide.
…And then do what must be done.
Me and the other me.
…Happiness depends on the individual.
All people are different. No two are the same.
What makes one person happy…
…might make another sad.
People’s souls come in all shapes and sizes.
And as time goes on and a person grows,
Their soul can change.
Their hopes and dreams can change.
That’s why…
…There isn’t just one type of happiness.

…There must be a way that I can be happy, too?
That is want we all want, isn’t it?
To find the person just for you, to find your own happiness…
That would be wonderful, wouldn’t it.
I love this person.
The heart of someone who’s…
…In love…
…Whether that person is alive or not…
…Is kind and warm.
If my heart is warm…
…If I can be this happy…
…Then I wish that all those like me can fall in love…
…And that all of them will have their love returned.
The love we feel may not be the same…
…But it doesn’t matter when I’m with the "someone just for me"
If we can all find that special person…
..Then the world will be a most joyous place.
…This city…
…Will have no unhappy people.
It’s the special city that has…
…The someone just for me.


i have so many many nicknames given to me by my friends, classmates, relatives, and by my parents..actually, they’re all nice…hehe. ( i wish someone would call me YANKUMI..)

KATKAT/KAT - my siblings call me in this name, and so were my old friends and classmates.. of course, my name is katrina, that’s why it’s easy to come up with nickname like KATKAT.

DADA - haha! this one, i don’t know where my parents got it. but my mom and dad keeps calling me "dada" or "da".. my uncles and aunties too, and also my cousins call me by this nickname.

SACAY - my surname…and only my highschool classmates call me by this nickname.

SACS - sounds weird? but my highschool friends/peers at ERJHS call this to me.

KIKAY - well, my classmates in PNU (trese) had given this to me when we were on our second year..it’s because of my dress and accesories..that’s why when i hear the song KIKAY, i just laugh..(is that really me?)

SACHIE/ SACHIE PIE - it all started when my professor called me "sacky", which is just an honest mistake. then after class, my classmates (trese again) kept calling me "sacky"…then the next day, my classmate Cessie said my name should be "sachie pie"..after that, all of them called me Sachie pie..hehe..

KATCH - hahahaha! this nickname is courtesy of Edz.. it’s a trend for him to add "ch" to a name..so i call him "etch"..

ATTIC KAT - that was supposed to be "ate kat".. but the kids in cavite where i usually stay started to call me by Attic Cat..they know the korean drama…haha!

KATRINA - people who have just met me, usually calls me this way.. but i’m not used to it..

MAM KAT - from my students in CHS..hehe..

SENSEI - by my jworld friends...coz they know i'm a teacher.hehe.

KATSUMI - i just used this name in friendster coz i thought it sounds cute for a japanese name.


when i was a child,i only dream of becoming a news anchor like the news reporters i see on tv.
later on,my dream is to become an actress..i always play with my younger sister. we portray some characters.its kinda weird but at the end of the day, im very satisfied with what we have done.

i have so many many many dreams as i grow up..and now, i feel like enumerating them here..
(no laughing please!or else,i’ll shoot u)

-i love drawing and sketching anime girls..they have weird kinds of dresses though.but im proud that my drawings are improving. actually, this love started when i was a child. i dress up my barbie dolls, i sew some dresses of different styles for them.my father doesn’t want me to take up a course related to it.he asked me,"is it an indemand job later?"…so,that’s it…it would be just a dream..huhu..

-isn’t it obvious?i really dream of going to Japan..maybe, its because i like their fashion style, their culture, the GUYZ, their music…and all.i hope i could go there.

-the dream i hope would really come true.hehe..i wish one of them could be my boyfriend.haha!or someone who looks like them.that would be interesting!

-its just that i keep on writing and writing stories until my hand gets hurt.and i want people to read them.one day, i know, my masterpieces would be seen by everbody.

*****as of now,those were my dream…maybe sooner or later, one or all of them might come true.right?