Saturday, September 20, 2008


— Excerpt from Chobits, Copyright (c) 2004 Tokyopop Inc.

(this is an excerpt of the book that Chii reads in the anime series CHOBITS.this is about "Looking for True Love"..that if a person is really for us, he will come in the right place and at the right time..we may became unpatient, but we should wait..)

There are no people in this city.
I will leave this city and go to another one.
I hope that I will meet someone.
Someone just for me.
But if that special someone falls in love with me…
…I will have to leave that someone.
Even so, I want to meet that someone.
This is what I think as I leave the city with no people.
Today I look for someone just for me.
Someone who has love for me alone.
Someone who will love me even if I can’t fulfill their wishes.
There is another me.
The other me asks…
Does such a person exsit?
I need…
…Someone whose love for me is true.
I want…
…Someone who loves me without asking anything in exchange.
I hope…
Unless the someone loves me for being me…
…They’re not someone just for me.
Is this so?
It is.
This someone exsits?
He does.
If so…
…Then where?
My someone is nearby, I think. Perhaps I already know him.
…What if that someone does not love you back?
What if that person likes someone…
…Other than you?
People aren’t like them. You can’t erase their feelings.
People aren’t easy to change.
I know.
But People do change.
Their feelings are dynamic.
Feelings of love are more resistant than others.
What if he never loves you?
Then I’ll have to decide.
…And then do what must be done.
Me and the other me.
…Happiness depends on the individual.
All people are different. No two are the same.
What makes one person happy…
…might make another sad.
People’s souls come in all shapes and sizes.
And as time goes on and a person grows,
Their soul can change.
Their hopes and dreams can change.
That’s why…
…There isn’t just one type of happiness.

…There must be a way that I can be happy, too?
That is want we all want, isn’t it?
To find the person just for you, to find your own happiness…
That would be wonderful, wouldn’t it.
I love this person.
The heart of someone who’s…
…In love…
…Whether that person is alive or not…
…Is kind and warm.
If my heart is warm…
…If I can be this happy…
…Then I wish that all those like me can fall in love…
…And that all of them will have their love returned.
The love we feel may not be the same…
…But it doesn’t matter when I’m with the "someone just for me"
If we can all find that special person…
..Then the world will be a most joyous place.
…This city…
…Will have no unhappy people.
It’s the special city that has…
…The someone just for me.

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