Monday, September 22, 2008

MASSU..oinky love

Name: Takahisa Masuda
Nickname: Massu
Date of Birth:
4 July 1986
Tokyo, Japan
Height: 171 cm (5 feet, 7 inches)
Star Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O
Talent Agency:
Johnny's Entertainment
Groups in Johnny's Entertainment:
NEWS, Tegomass
i watched NEWS pacific concert in dvd a while ago... i don't know but i kept on staring at Massu most of the, i think i love him now. i remember watching Massu and Shoon's AiQ skit before, that time i'm head over heels with Shoon. i love them both now. Massu is funny in that skit acting as Shoon's darling.the wife, to be of the things that made me like Massu is his jolly attitude and cute smile. (maybe that's the reason why i like Daiki Arioka too. they posses the same smile.)...Massu's moves also make me laugh at times. when i watched NEWS's PV for Weeek, he's so playful. i want to hug him...really so cute.
the first song i know of Tegomass was Kaerimichi no love song. a friend of mine recommended the song to me. it's a great song, made me want to repeat it for a thousand of times. Massu's voice is pleasant, combined with Tesshi's very angelic voice.
For me, Massu, his cuteness and bright features is enough for me to drool over him.haha!
well, its oinky love i believe.hehe.

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