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:i posted this in my friendster blog last year Sept.22,2007 to be exact so this should be a long time ago interview..hehe:

Good Morning everyone~

Yey!!! Kame’s interview! This is time the reporter/stalker went stalking Kame at his house…in his room!! This interview was about what he usually do around his house during holidays and what he do to unwind (and I tell you it’s not normal O_O, or at least I think it is)…and what Ueda has to tell about Kame’s secret…

IN A QUIET HOUSING AREA. WE CAN SEE KAMENASHI RELAXING IN A ROOM. WITH EVERYTHING, I WILL COME AND DISTURB. (arhh…I’m sorry I don’t how to say it in English, but it’s something like that ^^")

Reporter: pin pon (chime?) Kamenashi san! Please tell your story!

Kamenashi: …nandayo pin pon te*. What?*I think it’s cute that he said that, I put the romaji so you can say it and please say it in a cute way ^^~English: what the hell is pin pon.

Reporter: Excuse me, I would like to ask about Kamenashi san’s private life.

Kamenashi: Private? **Guda guda desu (Laugh). Maybe I purposely spoil myself. There’s one time during holiday, I woke up using the alarm but then I was like "I can sleep again for a little while", or "I feel like drinking a juice… But I’m too lazy, then it’s okay if I drink only water" and things like that. Yesterday, I lie down on the sofa and I fell sleepy, but I was like" I’m too lazy to go to bed, I guess I can just sleep here" and I slept there till morning. I really spoil myself.

**Guda guda - I don’t how to explain this, but it’s something like lazily or weakly, I’m sorry

Reporter: It’s the week of [spoil myself]?

Kamenashi: Yup, I do that on purpose. Even in work & private life there’s also a time that we have to work hard, right. But when it’s already tighten part there must be some loose part, right. I’m getting ready to work hard in the future, now I’m loosen up in my private life. There’s time I purposely wear just my underwear and roll on the floor or after taking a shower still soaking wet I jump on the bed. It was fun. Maybe this could cause a trouble to my family (Laugh).

(Now let’s imagine him in his underwear on the bed plus soaking wet….*0* )

Reporter: You’re eating habit also guda guda?

Kamenashi: No. Not guda guda but also ***chachato! I cook fried rice also chachato, fast, using left-over as ingredients from the fridge. That day, my mom cooked stew, theres’s too much stew so on the next day I cook spagheti mix it with the stew. I’m using chili powder as a substitute for pepper, that is the correct answer.***Chachato - quickly (thanks to carolinexmiwako )

Reporter: Talking about eating, recently I heard that there’s a miracle in Kamenashi’s life…

Kamenashi: a~. I’m able to eat tomato, I was asked by someone to eat it, and so I force myself to eat it but,"**** are? oishikune?" I was shocked! That was amazing. And also…**** Eh? Isn’t it delicious?

Reporter: Otto, the time has finish.

Kamenashi: Cho, cho! Piman also…I’m able to eat piman too…

(eto, I think this reporter was kinda rude, I mean Kame was still talking! And I don’t care if he wants to talk about what he miraculously able to eat, it’s still

K梨K也san ne… really cause a lot of trouble, because he doesn’t want to surrender. During the time we went to Hiroshima at the place where we did the concert tour, we played card at night. I said,"there’s work tomorrow so at 11:30 I want to take shower and then sleep". But when the time come, K梨K was losing…he said,"one last time", he won’t let me to go to sleep until he wins. Maa~, if to compare between my card trick, his attitude was cuter, but it’s just a small thing…
(Insider. Ueda Tatsuya)

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