Saturday, September 20, 2008


i have so many many nicknames given to me by my friends, classmates, relatives, and by my parents..actually, they’re all nice…hehe. ( i wish someone would call me YANKUMI..)

KATKAT/KAT - my siblings call me in this name, and so were my old friends and classmates.. of course, my name is katrina, that’s why it’s easy to come up with nickname like KATKAT.

DADA - haha! this one, i don’t know where my parents got it. but my mom and dad keeps calling me "dada" or "da".. my uncles and aunties too, and also my cousins call me by this nickname.

SACAY - my surname…and only my highschool classmates call me by this nickname.

SACS - sounds weird? but my highschool friends/peers at ERJHS call this to me.

KIKAY - well, my classmates in PNU (trese) had given this to me when we were on our second’s because of my dress and accesories..that’s why when i hear the song KIKAY, i just laugh..(is that really me?)

SACHIE/ SACHIE PIE - it all started when my professor called me "sacky", which is just an honest mistake. then after class, my classmates (trese again) kept calling me "sacky"…then the next day, my classmate Cessie said my name should be "sachie pie"..after that, all of them called me Sachie pie..hehe..

KATCH - hahahaha! this nickname is courtesy of Edz.. it’s a trend for him to add "ch" to a i call him "etch"..

ATTIC KAT - that was supposed to be "ate kat".. but the kids in cavite where i usually stay started to call me by Attic Cat..they know the korean drama…haha!

KATRINA - people who have just met me, usually calls me this way.. but i’m not used to it..

MAM KAT - from my students in CHS..hehe..

SENSEI - by my jworld friends...coz they know i'm a teacher.hehe.

KATSUMI - i just used this name in friendster coz i thought it sounds cute for a japanese name.

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