Saturday, September 20, 2008


when i was a child,i only dream of becoming a news anchor like the news reporters i see on tv.
later on,my dream is to become an actress..i always play with my younger sister. we portray some characters.its kinda weird but at the end of the day, im very satisfied with what we have done.

i have so many many many dreams as i grow up..and now, i feel like enumerating them here..
(no laughing please!or else,i’ll shoot u)

-i love drawing and sketching anime girls..they have weird kinds of dresses though.but im proud that my drawings are improving. actually, this love started when i was a child. i dress up my barbie dolls, i sew some dresses of different styles for father doesn’t want me to take up a course related to it.he asked me,"is it an indemand job later?"…so,that’s it…it would be just a dream..huhu..

-isn’t it obvious?i really dream of going to Japan..maybe, its because i like their fashion style, their culture, the GUYZ, their music…and all.i hope i could go there.

-the dream i hope would really come true.hehe..i wish one of them could be my boyfriend.haha!or someone who looks like them.that would be interesting!

-its just that i keep on writing and writing stories until my hand gets hurt.and i want people to read day, i know, my masterpieces would be seen by everbody.

*****as of now,those were my dream…maybe sooner or later, one or all of them might come true.right?

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