Saturday, September 20, 2008


i've just watched Hey!Say!Jumps's concert in tokyo dome in dvd today... well,actually, it's my 5th time watching it. i wanted to stop myself but i just can't resist their cuteness. haha!

talking about HSJ, i'll put all my fangirling comments here since i'm in the mood in typing today. >.<

the first time i heard about johnny debuting 5 kids and labeling them as Hey!Say!7, i was like "oohh...cute kids". though it's not really a debut, many positive comments were given towards them. there's Yuto, Yama, Chii, Yuya and Dai-chan. i love their song "Hey Say" that time, i don't have a very wild affection for them (nice description ne?).

after a few months, Hey!Say!JUMP is debuted...for real. adding Inoo, Yabu, Hikaru, Keito, and Ryutaro to the previous members.from then on, i followed the progress of those kids. i listened to their songs...i watched their PVs and behind the scenes videos.. until i realized, i'm going crazy for them. their songs keep hunting me. and i love them all...although they're just at the beginning of their dream to follow the foot steps of their sempais,i admire their hardwork and talents.i hope they'll have more bonding and stay intact like ARASHI.

maybe next time, i'll post a comment for each of the member.hehe.

"Jumping to my dream, setsunai kono kokoro de. Fighting for my dream, taiyou dakishimete."

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