Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mayonaka No Shadow Boy and Scrap Teacher ~Kyoushi things from Hey!Say!JUMP

i was browsing the net this week and looking for something new about Hey!Say!JUMP and i didn't fail. if u have a livejournal account, it's really useful. hehe. i'm really into HSJ lately, totally forgetting (for a while) my KAT-TUN, NewS and Arashi fangirling. anyway, going back to the topic, i saw the photo for the upcoming drama of Yuto, Yama, Daiki and Chii entitled Scrap Teacher ~Kyoushi Saisei~ ... i just finished watching Sensei Wa Erai, it's a great drama with same cast... so if Scrap Teacher is really a spin-off of that drama, then i bet it would be equally or more
good (i mean, better).. XD
it's just that, i don't like Yama's hair here. (who the hell gave him that hair style)..aaahh..i like his hair when it's longer and stylish.Chii, as expected, is still his hair here.

and about the Mayonaka No Shadow Boy...arrgh... haven't heard it yet. but according to what i read on some articles, it's a love song with a touch of spanish sound. (eh?) i think it would be great. any songs that HSJ release, i love it.haha! i hope the PV would be out soon.that is, if they would make a PV.hehe.

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